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Be ready. With smsGuardian®, you can receive text alerts on debit card activity as soon as it happens.

  • Sends alerts about suspicious card activity directly to cardholders, via text message
  • Routes notification of fraud to an analyst for card blocking and follow up
  • Sends alerts for all transactions or a choice of pre-defined options
  • Supports all major mobile phone carriers
  • Generates monthly reports that detail account access, confirmed enrollments, and alert messages sent

Choose from the following alert options:

  • All International Transactions
  • Authorizations Greater than $250
  • 8 or more Transactions in 24 hours
  • Card Not Present (online & phone orders)
  • Out of State Transaction
  • Estimated Amount Transactions (when the merchant estimates the authorization amount and does not know the final transaction amount when the transaction begins) 

To Get Started

To sign up for text alerts, cardholders need to register their cards and mobile phones by visiting the HFCU smsGuardian text alerts website.

Please note, text alerts are real-time, meaning they happen as soon as the transaction takes place and can help members detect fraud on their cards. However, these text alerts do not replace the HFCU Fraud Center alerts (via text, email or phone call) when the Fraud Center detects potentially fraudulent transactions on the HFCU debit and credit cards.

Message and Data Rates May Apply. There is no charge from HFCU to use this service. Please view the smsGuardian Website Terms and Conditions.