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Allows you to pay your bills online and is available for all members who use HFCU Internet Branch. Bill Payer is a FREE service if you use HFCU Internet Branch and have an active HFCU share draft (checking) account and HFCU Check Card. Otherwise, Bill Payer fees are $3.95 per month for up to 8 payments per month. Additional payments are $.50 each. Bill Payer fees are automatically deducted from your share draft account at the end of each month.

To sign up for HFCU Bill Payer, please log on to HFCU Internet Branch and click on the Bill Payer icon. To sign up for HFCU Internet Branch, click here.

Bill Payment Maintenance:

Routine maintenance is normally performed on HFCU Bill Payer every Sunday between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Eastern time. During this time period, Bill Payer may be unavailable.

Bill Payer FAQ:

When Should You Schedule Your Bill Payments?

When scheduling the Process Date for your Bill Payments, please keep in mind that the vendor may require a few days to process your payment. HFCU recommends that you schedule electronic payments to be paid at least 3 to 5 days prior to the due date and that you schedule check payments to be paid at least 5 to 7 days prior to the due date.

Why Does It Take a Day or Two for My Payment to Post to My Share Draft Account?

While all payments are processed on the day you schedule them, the funds may not be deducted from your share draft account until a day or two later because the payments are not processed by HFCU. After our Bill Payer processor processes our bill payments, it notifies HFCU of the payments. This process may take a day or two.

Who Do You Call about Bill Payment Questions?

If you have a question as whether a Bill Payment has been processed or if a bill payment check has been cashed by the vendor, please call (855) 207-9098.

Vendor Account Numbers and Remittance Addresses Can Change:

Please verify periodically your account numbers and the remittance addresses for all your Bill Payment vendors. This information can be changed frequently by vendors, especially when companies are bought and sold. Vendors will usually send you information regarding these changes in your monthly statement. Please read all the information they send you. If they change your account number and/or their remittance address and you do not update the records in Bill Payer, your payments may be posted late and/or returned. HFCU is not responsible for late payments or returned payments of this nature. If an account number or remittance address changes for one of your Bill Payment vendors, please delete any pending payments to that vendor and delete the vendor as a payee. Then add the vendor as a new payee with the correct information and add payments for the new payee. If you have any questions about this process, please contact HFCU at (717)533-9174, (717)868-3080 or (800) 832-4328


What Happens if an Account has Non-Sufficient Funds When a Bill Payment is Presented for Payment?

If the funds are not available in your share draft account when a Bill Payment is presented for payment, the following will occur:

  1. A block is automatically placed on your Bill Payer access -- please see below for more information on the block.
  2. If the payment was made by check, is $500 or more, and has not been cashed, a stop payment will be placed on the check.
  3. If the payment was made by check and is $499.99 or less, a second attempt to collect the funds will be made a day or two later.
  4. If the payment was sent electronically, a second attempt to collect the funds will be made a day or two later.
    If funds are not available when a second attempt is made for either an electronic or check payment, a block will be put on your Bill Payer access and the bill payment will be reversed if it was sent to a reversible vendor. If the payment cannot be stopped, a third attempt will be processed on your share draft account.
  5. If the third attempt to collect the funds is unsuccessful, your Bill Payer access will be permanently blocked and a collections process will begin.
  6. HFCU charges a $33 fee for each non-sufficient item presented for payment on share draft accounts.

Blocked Bill Payer Access Due to Non-Sufficient Funds Items

Bill Payer access will be blocked when a bill payment cannot be processed due to non-sufficient funds in a share draft account. The block prevents further bill payments from being processed and, in some cases, access to Bill Payer is denied. The block remains in place for five business days or until the bill payment is paid. If the five-day block is applied, you will have Bill Payer access on the sixth business day. Please note that no bill payments will be processed while Bill Payer access is blocked.

Bill Payer Checks Cannot be Made Payable to Cash

All Bill Payer checks must be made payable to an individual or a business. Any checks made payable to "Cash" will not be processed.

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