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Additional Services

Great card that allows you to make purchases directly from your Free Checking or Rewards Checking account anywhere in the world where Visa® and STAR® are accepted. Plus, it's also an ATM Card, providing 24-hour access to your accounts through any STAR ATM anywhere in the world.

Please note that Hershey FCU will not charge members for these withdrawals; however, the ATM owner may charge the cardholder a surcharge fee.

All foreign transactions on our debit and credit cards are blocked for the safety of our members. If you would like to allow foreign transactions on your cards, you will need to contact our member services department or create a travel notification in our mobile branch. After notifying Hershey FCU, foreign transactions can be temporarily enabled!
Are you planning at trip abroad? Avoid unnecessary fees & financial stress by purchasing your foreign currency with Hershey FCU! Please contact us at (717) 533-9174 for assistance.
The perfect gift for any occasion!

  • Allows your recipients to choose exactly what they really want
  • Welcomed at millions of locations nationwide, anywhere that Visa debit cards are accepted - including by phone or online
  • Available in any amount from $10-$1,000!
iTalk is Hershey FCU’s enhanced automated phone service that provides account access 24 hours a day, 7-days a week. You can do more over the phone, from anywhere in the world! User-friendly menu options are designed to help you navigate your account with ease!

To access iTalk:

  1. Dial: 1-800-432-3207
  2. Follow the menu prompts
  3. Enter your account number and access code

First-time users: in order to verify your identity, the first time you call in, you’ll need to enter your account number followed by your Social Security number. This is the only time you will be asked to enter your Social Security number. You will then be prompted to register your 4-15-digit access code. You’ll always be asked to enter your account number and your access code to gain access to your account through iTalk.

iTalk’s system default is Touch Tone. Press 8* at any time to use Voice Response.

Use iTalk to:
  • Check account balances
  • Review recent transactions, including checks and debit card transactions
  • Withdraw money by a check
  • Transfer money between accounts, including loan payments
  • Determine if a draft (check) has cleared
  • Obtain loan information and make line-of-credit advances

Quick Tips:
  • Your account number can be found on your statement
  • If you lose or forget your access code, please call Hershey FCU
  • You may do more than one transaction per call
  • Press 3 and the * key to return to the main menu
  • Press the * key to return to the previous menu
  • Press the # key to repeat an option
  • Press 9 and the * key to enter a different account number
  • To end your call, simply hang up

Due to federal regulations, you are limited to a total of six (6) automated transactions (STAR, iTalk, EFT and overdraft transfers) on regular share accounts per month. Share draft “checking” accounts are not subject to this regulation.

Press or Say:

1. Account Balance

  • Savings, Checking, IRA accumulations, Club accounts: available balance.
  • Share certificates and IRAs certificates: available balance and maturity dates.
  • Loans: current balance, next payment date, next payment amount, past due amount, past due payment amount, last payment date and last payment amount
  • Line-of-Credit loans: current balance, available balance, next payment date, next payment amount, past due amount, past due payment amount and last payment date.
  • Credit cards: current balance, available balance, next payment date, next payment amount, past due amount, past due payment amount, last payment date, last statement date and last statement ending balance

2. Account History

  • Checking: all transactions, ATM transactions, cleared checks, deposits, withdrawals and last payroll deposit
  • Savings: all transactions, ATM transactions, deposits, withdrawals and last payroll deposit
  • Clubs: all transactions
  • Certificates: all transactions
  • Line-of-Credit: all transactions, payments and advances
  • Credit Cards: all transactions, payments, advances and ATM withdrawals
  • Loans: all transactions and payments

History records are played in groups of 5 at a time

3. Share or Loan Check Withdrawal

Enter your five-digit zip code to get a list of available shares or loans which have the check withdrawal option. Check will be mailed to the address we have on file for you.

4. Transfer Funds between accounts or make a loan payment

  • Press 1 to transfer funds immediately
  • Press 2 to make an immediate payment

5. More Options

  • Press 1 for stop payments
  • Press 2 to change your access code
  • Press 3 for future date transactions

If you have any problems accessing or using iTalk, please contact us.
Allows you to have a portion of each payroll check deducted and deposited to an Hershey FCU account. (Offered to participating companies only)
Sign up for Direct Deposit, and your paycheck or social security payment will be automatically deposited into the checking or savings account of your choice. You'll never have to rush to a branch to deposit a check again! Direct deposit is reliable, convenient and free, and in many instances, your money is available in your account earlier than waiting for a paper check!
Bring your loose change to our Hershey office, and turn it into currency with our self service coin-counting machines! There is no fee for Hershey FCU members, and
non-members are only charged 5.00%, compared to machines in neighboring grocery stores with fees at 8.90%. Find a branch location now.
Hershey FCU members can access Love My Credit Union Rewards. Through this program credit union members receive exclusive discounts and benefits from trusted partners!

Start saving today. The more offers you take advantage of, the more you save.

You can reorder your checks directly from your online banking account.
It's easy and just takes a few minutes! Log into your account using the button in the upper right-hand corner to order your checks today.

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