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Q: Are my deposit accounts NCUA insured?

A: Yes! Each individual customer's account is Federally Insured by NCUA up to $250,000 per account.

Q: How do I set up Direct Deposit of my payroll check?

A: After your checking application has been approved, you will receive our routing and transit number and your account number. If your employer participates in a direct deposit program, simply provide this information to the human resources or payroll department at your company, and your direct deposit will usually begin within thirty days.

Q: How do I set up Direct Deposit of my Social Security check?

A: After your checking application has been approved, you will receive our routing and transit number and your account number. Simply contact us, and have your Social Security Number and account information available to set up your direct deposit right over the phone.

Q: Can I get information about my account by phone?

A: Yes! Account information is available with our Customer Service Representatives during business hours at any of our offices or ask about our Voice Response System for automated account information 24 hours a day.

Q: What products can I apply for online?

A: We have a variety of business and personal accounts. Check out our Products & Services page to see which accounts you can apply for online.

Q: Do you offer IRAs online?

A: Yes, we do offer IRAs online. To see what we currently offer, visit our Products & Services page.

Q: Can I open an account if I don't live in the United States? What if I live in the United States but am not a citizen yet?

A: At this time, we only accept applications from persons residing within the United States with valid U.S. tax identification numbers (Social Security Numbers). If you have questions, contact us. We'd like to hear from you.

Q: Can I do all of my banking with you?

A: Yes! Thanks to the convenience of Direct Deposit and ATMs, everyday banking activities can be performed on your own time. Contact us with questions about your banking needs.

Q: Can I look at all of my transactions at any time?

A: Yes! With Online Banking, you have access to your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Q: How frequently is my information updated?

A: Your account information is updated every business day with new transactions that posted to your account the previous day.

Q: Are wire transfers possible to and from my checking account?

A: Yes! Funds can be transferred to and from accounts by wire transfer or via ACH (Automated Clearing House) debits or credits. Contact us for details.

Q: How do I make a deposit to my account from a remote location?

A: You can do most of your banking by using direct deposit, ATMs or ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions. We also offer a bank-by-mail service, which allows you to mail non-recurring deposits. Contact us for details on a method that's best for you.

Q: When do I have access to use online banking?

A: With online banking, you have access to your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
Q: What is Online banking?

A: Online banking is a tool that allows you to use a personal computer with an Internet connection to conduct your banking online.

Q: What can I do with online banking?

A: You can view account balances and transaction history, transfer money, and download transactions to a personal financial manager and much more.

Q: Is any of my personal information stored in the online banking product?

A: Yes, the online banking product stores your User ID, password and user preferences. If you keep a stock portfolio, that information is also stored.

Q: How current is my banking information?

A: Your account information is updated every business day with new transactions that were posted to your account the previous business day

Q: What accounts will I be able to access through online banking?

A: You can access your checking, savings, investment and loan accounts from the online banking service. Our online banking Product is intended to give you as much access, security, and versatility as possible.

Q: How much account information can I view at once?

A: The system will automatically show the current month's transactions and information. However, by selecting User Preferences, you can choose to view the current month and the previous month. Or, you can choose to view your account from the current date to same date of the previous month.

Q: Can I view my account details in more than one way?

A: Yes, you can view your accounts by date, check number, payee, amount or balance in ascending or descending order.

Q: What formats can I download my transaction history in?

A: Online banking supports downloads to Quicken®, Microsoft Money™ or as a comma-delimited text file.

Q: Can I schedule future transfers?

A: Not at this time. But in the future, you will be able to schedule open, future and recurring transfers.

Q: When can I use online banking services?

A: With online banking, you have access to your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Q: How many stocks can I track in my online portfolio?

A: Your online portfolio will track up to 20 stocks.

Q: How long can I be inactive before being logged out of the online banking product?

A: The inactivity time out default is set for 20 minutes. However, you can define the
timeout period in the User Options area for 5, 10, 20, 45 or 60 minutes.

Q: What is required to use the online banking service?

A: All you need to use online banking is a secure browser that supports 128-bit encryption. You can use any computer that has Internet access.

Q: How do I access online banking?

A: You must first complete the online banking registration form and submit it to us. Once your registration is received we will process your request. You will need a password to access the service for the first time. You may contact us by telephone or wait for your password to be mailed to you. You must have an existing checking, savings or loan account before banking online.

Q: Can I create my own password that is easy for me to remember?

A: Yes, after you use your assigned password to log-in for the first time, you can go to User Options and change your password.

Q: What happens if I forget or lose my password?

A: Just call us and we will take you through the steps needed to get back into the system immediately!
Q: When should you schedule your bill payments?

A: When scheduling the Process Date for your Bill Payments, please keep in mind that the vendor may require a few days to process your payment. HFCU recommends that you schedule electronic payments to be paid at least 3 to 5 days prior to the due date and that you schedule check payments to be paid at least 5 to 7 days prior to the due date.

Q: Why does it take a day or two for my payment to post to my share draft account?

A: While all payments are processed on the day you schedule them, the funds may not be deducted from your share draft account until a day or two later because the payments are not processed by HFCU. After our Bill Payer processor processes our bill payments, it notifies HFCU of the payments. This process may take a day or two.

Q: Who do you call about bill payment questions?

A: If you have a question as whether a Bill Payment has been processed or if a bill payment check has been cashed by the vendor, please call (855) 207-9098.

Please note, vendor account numbers and remittance addresses can change:

Please verify periodically your account numbers and the remittance addresses for all your Bill Payment vendors. This information can be changed frequently by vendors, especially when companies are bought and sold. Vendors will usually send you information regarding these changes in your monthly statement. Please read all the information they send you. If they change your account number and/or their remittance address and you do not update the records in Bill Payer, your payments may be posted late and/or returned. HFCU is not responsible for late payments or returned payments of this nature. If an account number or remittance address changes for one of your Bill Payment vendors, please delete any pending payments to that vendor and delete the vendor as a payee. Then add the vendor as a new payee with the correct information and add payments for the new payee. If you have any questions about this process, please contact HFCU at (717)533-9174, (717)868-3080 or (800) 832-4328

Q: What happens if an account has non-sufficient funds when a bill payment is presented for payment?

A: If the funds are not available in your share draft account when a Bill Payment is presented for payment, the following will occur:

  1. A block is automatically placed on your Bill Payer access -- please see below for more information on the block.
  2. If the payment was made by check, is $500 or more, and has not been cashed, a stop payment will be placed on the check.
  3. If the payment was made by check and is $499.99 or less, a second attempt to collect the funds will be made a day or two later.
  4. If the payment was sent electronically, a second attempt to collect the funds will be made a day or two later.
  5. If funds are not available when a second attempt is made for either an electronic or check payment, a block will be put on your Bill Payer access and the bill payment will be reversed if it was sent to a reversible vendor. If the payment cannot be stopped, a third attempt will be processed on your share draft account.
  6. If the third attempt to collect the funds is unsuccessful, your Bill Payer access will be permanently blocked, and a collections process will begin.
  7. HFCU charges a $33 fee for each non-sufficient item presented for payment on share draft accounts.

Blocked bill payer access due to non-sufficient funds items:

Bill Payer access will be blocked when a bill payment cannot be processed due to non-sufficient funds in a share draft account. The block prevents further bill payments from being processed and, in some cases, access to Bill Payer is denied. The block remains in place for five business days or until the bill payment is paid. If the five-day block is applied, you will have Bill Payer access on the sixth business day. Please note that no bill payments will be processed while Bill Payer access is blocked.

Bill payer checks cannot be made payable to cash:

All Bill Payer checks must be made payable to an individual or a business. Any checks made payable to "Cash" will not be processed.
Q: How do I activate my new HFCU Visa® Credit Card?

To activate your new HFCU VISA®, either call 1-800-290-7893 (if outside the US or Canada, call collect 1-206-624-7998).

Q: How do awards points work?

Platinum card holders can earn points to redeem gift cards and/or air travel.

  • Earn 1 point for each dollar in purchases.
  • Gift cards for car rental, entertainment, gasoline, hotels and more!

Visit our Card Awards via online banking to learn more!

Q: How do I keep track of my HFCU Visa card?

You can check all of your account information and pay your bill online through online banking. Don't have online banking? Learn more.

Q: I need cardholder support. Who do I contact?

You can call 855-854-5493 for our cardholder support and redemption line.

Q: My card is missing. Who do I contact?

Has your card been lost or stolen? Either call 1-888-297-3416 or 717-533-9174.

Q: I am traveling to another country or want to make a foreign transaction. Who do I contact?

All foreign transactions on our debit and credit cards are blocked for the safety of our members. If you would like to allow foreign transactions on your cards, you will need to contact our member services department or create a travel notification in our mobile branch. After notifying HFCU, foreign transactions can be temporarily enabled!

Q: What is Verified by Visa®?

In addition to our other ways of preventing, detecting, and resolving fraud, we offer Verified by Visa, a free, simple-to-use service that confirms your identity with an extra password when you make an online transaction. It's easy and only takes a few moments to activate your card. You can activate right here on the secure Verified by Visa site.

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