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Fee Schedule

Effective 05/22/2023

The rates and fees appearing in this schedule are accurate and effective as of the effective date indicated on this Fee Schedule. Please contact us for current rate and fee information.

General Services

Item Fees Charged
Regulation D Transaction $10.00
Account Research/Statement Reconciliation $20.00/hour
Address corrections without notification $5.00
Cashier's Check $5.00
Certified Share Draft $5.00
Check cashing (without balance of $250 or more) $2.50/check
Check cashing (non-member) $5.00/check
Dormant Member (inactive 36 months with impending account closure) $5.00/month
Reopen account within 6 months $10.00
Account closed within 90 days $10.00
IRA closing fee $10.00
Holiday Club/Special Share early withdrawal $10.00
Regular Share over/counter withdrawals, over 6 per month $3.00/each
Statement copies $3.00
Government Agency forms (tax levy, Soc. Sec., PAFIDM, etc.) $50.00
Returned deposited Checks $10.00
Stop payment $15.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $33.00
Hershey FCU Assisted Telephone Transactions $2.00
Fax Transmission $5.00
Money Orders (up to $1000) $1.50/each
Foreign Deposit Item Fee $25.00/each
VISA® Gift Cards $2.95/card
Overnight mail handling (reg.) Actual cost + $5.00
Foreign Currency Delivery Service Actual Cost
Escheatment $25.00
Writ/Garnishment/Levy $50.00

Wire Transfers

Item Fees Charged
Wire transfers in (domestic) FREE
Wire transfers out (domestic) $20.00
Western Union $25.00

Share Draft Accounts

Item Fees Charged
Overdraft Privilege (previously Courtesy Pay) $33.00
Copies of Share Drafts through Internet Branch Free
Copies of Share Drafts less than 2 years from clear date $2.00
Copies of Share Drafts greater than 2 years from clear date $6.00
Return Item/Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $33.00
Deposited check copy (effective 09/23/15) $2.00
Inactive Reg. Shares (inactive 12 mos. or more) $5.00/month

HFCU Check Card / Visa Cards

Item Fees Charged
ATM Withdrawals over 8 per month $1.00 each
Replacement card (EMV) $10.00
PLUS Network Transactions $1.00
ATM Deposit Adjustment $2.00
ATM Deposit Discrepancies $30.00
False Dispute $30.00
Foreign Transaction Fee 1.00% of each transactions in U.S. dollars

Online Services

Item Fees Charged
Internet Branch FREE
Bill Payer (unlimited bills paid)
Requires Share Draft Account & Check Card
e-Statements FREE
Stop payment $15.00
Cancelled check copy $5.00

Business Accounts

Non-Personal Accounts: Includes Proprietorships, Clubs/Organizations, In-Trust For, Informal Trusts, Living Trusts, UTMA and Trust Accounts

Item Fees Charged
Deposit Item Return $10.00
Returned Checks/Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $33.00

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